Marc Bauzet, Aurélien Lugardon et Philippe Spannagel

The Keon Group is an independent French company created by three partners who have worked for 15 years in the field of anaerobic digestion.


The group proposes solutions, which are structured around 3 activities:

  • Ter'Green : The Investment in biomethane projects

  • Naskeo  : The construction of biogas sites

  • Sycomore : The maintenance and operation of biogas sites

The group is supported by a team of around 60 employees who bring together all the different skills needed to properly understand the projects: energy specialists, agronomists, biologists, mechanics, electrical technicians, etc.


It is its various business sectors that make the Keon Group a leader in the French market.


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As an industrial investor in anaerobic digestion, Ter’Green accelerates development and constributes to the financing of agricultural and territorial biogas projects.



With over 15 years of experience, Naskeo has designed and built more than 40 biogas plants and is expert in all anaerobic digestion processes (liquid digestion, dry batch digestion and continuous dry digestion).



Our expertise platform meets the needs of biogas plant operators by providing them with a unique, professional and quality of service.